Welcome to my playground. I update this site about as often as my facebook account, which is to say, never1. If you came here expecting to see something then I suppose I could offer you my apologies, but the truth is that I really don’t care.

In all seriousness, I do think I am going to make an attempt to do more with this space. Grad school is done so I do have more free time. I have a bunch of parts, modules and various microcontrollers and a healthy curiosity for carbon nanodots, so we’ll see what becomes of all of this.

  1. I deleted my facebook account a few months ago so when I say never, I now literally and figuratively mean never.

A homepage section

Nothing to see here. No, really, I mean it. There is—quite literally—nothing to see here.


I am a chemist, (tabletop)gamer, and maker. I may update this site with some of the things I fill my hours doing, but don’t expect too much as I mainly view the internet as a source of gather information so that I might hoard it for my own nefarious purposes.


If you wish to contact me and don’t already know how, then the chances are that I probably do not wish to be contacted by you. I’m being serious here, just ask all the people my information has been sold to.